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Kansas City's first slam team to compete at National Competition needs YOU!

Please support me as I go with my team to represent Kansas City at the Poetry SLam Inc. National Poetry Slam. WE ARE LOOKING FOR SPONSORSHIPS AND DONATIONS!  DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE   

ALL ALL ALL! I am EXCITED to tell you ALL that I am now a part of a SLAM TEAM - SLAM ULIT!  Slam ULIT is Kansas City's first slam team to be PSI certified and going to nationals! WE NEED your HELP to get there!

We are 7 artists who have a heart for the art of live performance poetry. We have practiced, trained, competed, and now we are at the point where we need help to fulfill our combined efforts.

For slam poets it is a DREAM to be able to compete on a team at the National Poetry Slam, and for us that dream could be realized.  The opportunity is on the table, but we do not currently have the funds to make that happen.

OR ON OUR INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN! It is linked to our Fractured Atlas and is also Tax Deductible.

Slam ULIT was founded December 2014 to address the need for slam culture and artistic community in Kansas City. Slam ULIT is a subsidiary of ULIT (Urban Literation est. 2003) and shares the the same mission statement which is: "Mind elevation through spoken-word, liberation through literacy."
In the 162 year long history of Kansas City Missouri, Slam ULIT is the second Poetry Slam inc. (PSi) Certified slam platform. That's major! Slam ULIT is providing a team of very talented and deserving slam poets the opportunity to show their love for the literary art of poetry and spoken word through dynamic and competitive performances. NPS takes place this year in Oakland, California, from Aug 10-15th, but we can't make it without your help.

Slam Poetry Is...A composite genre that combines elements of poetry, theater, performance, and storytelling.

A POETRY SLAM IS...A competitive poetry performance in which selected audience members score performers, and winners are determined by total points.

SLAM ULIT is...The only PSi certified slam in Kansas City dedicated to slam and slam poets, and providing them an opportunity to represent and one of our poetry community's most prolific and historic brands: ULIT, and Kansas City as a whole at the world's largest poetry competition; the National Poetry Slam.

About the TEAM

Darrell "RV the Poet" Dixon- Born and raised in KCMO. He was the top scoring poet of the night at The Slam ULIT Grand Slam Finals and has featured with Bold Poets of Kansas City performing at the State Capitol during the poetry celebration of Malcolm X day.  He is also a producer, song writer, and pianist.

Sheri "Purpose" Hall- Is the only lady competing on the historic, first slam ULIT team. She is a 2012 Arts KCawards recipient, a RAW artists, host of the Gospel of Poets Radio Show on KPRT 1590,and is a champion for unity in the KC arts community, as evident by her continued allegiance to multiple arts groups and youth mentorship.

Trey Newman- A Kansas City Native and Paseo Alum, Trey has been a 3 time participant in BNV (brave new voices - a national poetry competition for teens) and a "slam monster" around Kansas City with numerous slam victories to his name.

Brandon "Amayzn" Nelson- "Amayzn" has been involved with Kansas City's poetry scene since 2005. He has featured a Jazz Poetry Jams, Poetic Notes, and was the first spoken word artist to grace the stage of the Kauffman.  As a mentor, he has done his part in establishing a stronger foundation for the next generation of artists. 

John "Hypocrace" Lewis- A native of Kansas City and a Paseo academy graduate, He attended UMKC as a theatre major. He has been a part of the poetry community for 4 years and has featured at Soul Sessions, the I Am An Artist Event, and has an upcoming feature at Poetic Notes in the Blue Room.

The Slam Master

M'Vyonne Payne- M'Vyonne aka the HPIC (head poet in charge) is a national touring poet and slam artist. She is a 5-time Jazz Poetry Jam slam winner. She has been an Inspired Word Slam Master Jam Finalist, All Def Poetry Artist of the Day  and is the first black woman to compete on a wild card slam team in the history of the National Poetry Slam. 

Slam ULIT Support

Bonnafyde G. Weddington - Bonnafyde G Weddington founded the original ULIT open mic in 2003 as a space where poets can hone their craft, engage in social commentary, and earn their “stripes”.  He is a host, spoken word artist, and mentor to some of the best poets in Kansas City.

Regina “Serenity” Wagner - Serenity is a Spoken Word Artists, Host, and also has her own segment on www.whatsupkansascity.net where she interviews poets and other influential personalities.  She is a  Jazz Poetry Jams winner, a Bold.Poet, member of Stanza Life, and has performed in and featured for many productions. 

Doug "Nightlife Jones" Rosenbrook -Nightlife Jones has 20 years’ experience hosting poetry events. In that time he has facilitated over 50 slams in KC and is the founder and head coach for the Louder Than Bomb A Youth Slam Team, KC Poet Tree.