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Black Girl Shattered

Black Girl Shattered is the second volume of works by Sheri “Purpose” Hall.  It is a collection of poetry, prose, epistles, and essays that highlight brokenness and the beauty of mending.  Within this volume, she addresses issues that are engineered to break the spirit of every woman as well as issues that are unique and specific to the black woman.  Her philosophy is that we are all connected; if one portion of our people is hurting, then every portion of our people is hurting.  With that being said, the shattering of black girls leads to the demise of women and men everywhere.  This book is built in the kind of raw honesty that is intended to reveal, refresh, and uplift.

Writing Wrongs: Writing to Heal

Writing Wrongs: Writing to Heal is a course that teaches a systematic approach to thinking through and effectively dealing with trauma through your own hands and thoughts.  In life, we have all suffered loss, regret, grief, or abuse.  We all have made bad decisions that led to bad circumstances. We have been the innocent that was taken advantage of and the one that was the perpetrator of harm.  We have even had occasion to violate others, as well as ourselves.  Through all of this, we have survived and the fact that we are still here today tells the world that we are survivors.  However, that survival does not come without a packed bag of resentment, un-forgiveness, anger, guilt, and psychological trauma. It takes time. It can be painful. At times, you may want to give up; but don’t.  Your discoveries and revelations will be worth it.  Facilitation is available in one, 3 hour crash course or 9 session full course formats. Please inquire.

D'lilahs Deliverance: The Makeover

spoken word CD

Chosen for Both

poetry chapbook.

Red Tape

A Revelation of Our Society and How We See Ourselves Within It


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