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heri “Purpose” Hall is a wife, mother of four, author, servant of God, and performing artist. As an African-American child brought up by a single mother in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri, she used poetry to fight her way through life’s struggles and still uses it therapeutically today.

She has Four books: a book of poetry, epistles, and essays titled "Black Girl Shattered"(2017); two poetry chapbooks “Mélange du Femme Noir” (2019) and “Chosen for Both” (2015); and a workbook/workshop "Writing Wrongs: Writing to Heal" (2016) which won an award from Bike for the Brain, a non-profit organization that works to reduce mental health stigma.   

She is the founder of Arsyn Spit Fire, East of Red ArtHouse, and PenFire Publishing; Interim CEO for Poetry for Personal Power; and provides consulting and assistance for many other non-profit, community-based, and arts organizations.

Sheri Purpose Hall is a 2019 Charlotte Street Generative Performing Artist Awardee and Studios Resident Artist in her 2nd year, 2019 Art in the loop grant recipient, 2019 and 2017 Arts KC Inspiration Grant recipient, and the 2017 ArtsKC Inspiration Breakfast featured artist.  She won the Poet and Activist award at the Music and More Foundation Poetry Awards 2 years in a row and was nominated for best-spoken word artist in the KC People's Choice awards, Pitch Best KC, and the National Spoken Word Awards. She has also earned the opportunity to represent Kansas City Nationally as an individual competitor at the Women of the World Poetry slam 2 years in a row (2017/18) and as a team competitor at the National Poetry Slam 4 years in a row.

The driving force behind much of her work is her desire to make the world a better place for her children and the children of others. Growing up in a low-income area that was stricken with poverty and crime, she has seen the transforming power of words and literacy. Because of this, she serves her community in many different capacities using her work and words to provide perspective, engage conversational empathy, and foster real change.

Through her continued endeavors, she remains unchanged in her purpose to spread the bread of life through the meat of her words. Her tenacious and determined spirit will continue to be a driving force in her mission to show the world that we are all here for a PURPOSE.


f there is nothing that I believe in more, it is the power of prayer. 

Prayer changes things, it changes minds, and most of all it is our power to overcome those mountains that seem too tall to climb and too strong to breakdown.


Your need is very important to me. 

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If you want to purge that is fine as well.  However, you cannot purge to me and not purge to God. 

You cannot purge to me and not repent to those who you have wronged and expect all to be forgiven. 

This is just a help, a first step.


God put me here as a servant.  Use me.


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