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Stanza and Spice
...And Everything Nice
Vol 1

Miko Black

Stanza and Spice is the first installment and project from the new author Miko Black. Miko is an honest-hearted free spirit with an intense love for words. Her writing style and performance execute her fiery "take no mess" attitude. She is known for telling it like it is with sass yet still exuding sultry feminine confidence. She has worked in the background with many groups and authors, including the Regulators, Poetry for Personal Power, East of Red ArtHouse, and many community organizations. She encourages women to walk in the fullness of their identities and believes that women's empowerment means women actively taking a front seat in the representation of their complete sphere. Miko states, "The only way to receive holistic care is for women to bring their whole selves to the table, unashamed. Walk in your full identity."  For more info, email

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