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This place

Was beautiful

It was majestic



I was once active here

Dancing in the sand

My feet caressed

With the rolling of the tide

I hid here once

And I come here again

Only to find this

Barren land

Did I somehow forget

That the adversary was also a spirit

That his wind moves



Yet subtly eroding

the beach of faith I had

Where did it go?

And when did it happen?

How shocking it is

To find that all this time

The evil one has been doing a work in me

At one point you believe




Dropping seeds and words into the spirits surrounding you

Then boom

It is revealed that you don’t have the faith

To make an appeal to the one that can heal

You have been worn down

Over the years

The erosion


Through time lapses

My sandy faith

Sitting right beside

His living water

Blown away

Grain by grain

Till there is no evidence

That there was ever any sand to claim

No evidence that I ever played at the shore of comfort with my father

The foot prints in the sand

Because the very same land is barren

And the rocks have begun to cry out for me

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