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ASPIRE and ArtsKC Inspiration Breakfast


That is all that I can say about this day is WOW!  ArtsKC really pulls out all the stops for the Inspiration breakfast, it is a beautiful occasion of warmth and giving and I am excited by all the wonderful people that I met on this day.  I am MORE SO enthralled by the presentation given by Arts In Prison.  This is most DEF an organization for you to check out! The work that they do is beautiful and I am blessed to have been a part of some of it.  

Well.  I won't gab too much - instead I will let you see the video that I was a part of for this festivity and the poem (a rough draft - YES YOU GET TO SEE A REAL PART OF MY ARTISTIC PROCESS!) that I recited for the occasion.  

Remember - all you ever have to be to change the world is YOU!


free form spoken word/ prose-poetry

but all i wanted to be was a lawyer

i aspired to change the world

was a perry mason jar

full of city girl country charm

longing to be the dog in the fight

the skirt that was the baddest

enthralled in my pre law classes

went to trials

watched law and order svu

i aspired to be this thing

but ended up an artist?

paint pictures with linguistics

change worlds with word

make an audience feel loved

this is mission and ministry

superhero capeing

artists are more than activist

we full vigilantes

i go rogue on legalities 

grammar and standards

the court of law can't box me

disbarred these bars cant be

i free speech

when i freely speak

freedom's speech

i'm at freedoms peak

make my own confinement

then define the extreme

break those walls

peel the lid off

no ceiling

i'm more than i dreamed

more than i aspired to be

i argue the case

in skirt and stockings

or sweats and sneaks

spit lines that make fools think

go toe to toe with foes on concrete

for speaking truth

i have a winning streak

artists are lawyers for galleries and streets

we fight for your sanity

change taste with palettes

give diverse texture platform

show the world through our lens

make scriptures and minister in silence

see john cage 4'33

we make art out of the ignored and simplicity

collect strange beauty and show its fragility

like a glass menagerie - literally

the artist aspires to do greater things

the one that drew texture popping of the page

pop locked a benediction

pirouetted through a symphony of no's

to carve their own niche and have their own shows

from the guggenheim to the carnegie

westport coffee house to the starlight to the middle of the street

from soundcloud to the folk lore storytelling coming off lips

roll the 'spect with my beat loud

see the people gyrate and move hips

from kansas city to tanzania

we all aspire having different motives and reasons

i do it for tha culture

for the evolution

i do it to give hope in hopes that you see your own inner artistry

engage in the art of communications

indulge in the art of love making

and with every stroke change the world

with each seedling a new village

with each piece and new community

creating families and harmony

i could cancel your divorce if you let me ;-)


i know my power

what's in me is more than i ever aspired to be

i'm an artist

and to change the world

that's all i ever have to be

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