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December is lit! (events and stuff)

Of course it is!  It's baby January!

It is the John the Baptist of the year ushering in a greater!

December ushers in January, which is a month containing an international holiday ... MY BIRTHDAY!

Oh yall thought I was going to say New Year's Day - pshhhhhh

Anywhooooo - December is a special time, also a hard time for people.  It is the end of things for one year and the anticipation of a fresh beginning.

I am not a New Year's resolution maker buuuuuut I cannot deny the excitement of a new year, much like a new pad of paper fresh out of a bag of new school supplies!  (The ones ya momma told ya not to touch until the first day of school!)

New sharpened pencils!

New box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal!

NEW SOCKS AND DRAWS! (Too far?  No?  Cool!)

December is a month of gathering and regrouping.

All the college kids come home - WELCOME LOVES!

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and general good will towards men is in order.

The little kids try EXTRA hard so they don't end up with lumps of coal.

Everywhere has LIGHTS and DECOR ( I mean really ,it is the one time of year that it is appropriate for the whole city to look like Martha Stewart blew snow covered chunks all over the place.)

Annnnnndddd CHRISTMAS MUSIC ! It ain't Christmas till White Christmas in THIS version plays - sorry not sorry!

Yes, December is lit!

I started a new blog in conjunction with my Charlotte Street Studios residency.  See my blog and the blogs of other artists HERE.

The Black Girl Magic Power Block is in full effect every third Saturday on KUAW 98.5 FM starting with Roux on the Radio hosted by Angela Roux at 12:00pm and then The Gospel of Poets hosted by MEEE at 1:00pm.

Black Archives of Mid America, Tuesday December 19th, 6:30 - 8:00pm

Taught by MEEEE!

December 21st at The Writer's Place 3607 Pennsylvania Ave, KCMO

This is the HOLIDAY SHOW, which means HOLIDAY MAGIC, which means if this show is going to be more magical than the others I may not be able to contain myself!

December 22nd 7pm at Temple of Truth Baptist Church 7900 Westridge Rd, Raytown MO 64138

Come witness youth and adults singing and acting in the first performance of its kind from us!  This will be sure to warm the heart and the spirit!

Healing KC is a new group and will be releasing what will hopefully be the first of many projects supporting our community.  This is in tribute to the women slain in Kansas City.  Peep the preview HERELike the page here , join the community HERE and stay tuned for updates of the release.

December 27th 7pm at the Uptown Arts Bar

Facilitated by MEEEE!

NYE Poets vs Comedians at the Uptown Arts Bar

THE POETS WON LAST YEAR! I expect NOTHING different out of this year! ANNNNNNND YES, I am participating again this year!

I am so sure there are things that I missed.


December is so lit that it gave me the crazy idea of creating a newsletter to help all of you remember events throughout the year.

You're welcome!

Speaking of reminders - don't forget to book artists in advance (me included). 

Don't wait until it's too late.

Let me make sure you understand what's on the horizon:

Martin Luther King Celebrations 

Black History Month Celebrations

Women's History Month Celebrations

National Poetry Month

Wedding Season


All of these are all coming up. 

Plan, budget, and prepare to hire artists for these events.


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