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Editing to Heal


I read a really dope article about proper punctuation in poetry which inspired this post. Here is the link.

if anyone has ever read my poetry they know punctuation is NOT my thing i do away with it and capitalization at will and write with reckless abandon (See what I did there?)

However, my appreciation of grammar and the English language compels me to go back and do the work of giving proper punctuation for my readers. When I do this I often find different meanings in my work.  I end up playing with the punctuation and form to give the desired effect, meaning, and emotion.  I am also able to uncover areas where I have been more passive and decide if passivity or strength works better in certain lines.  This is an important part of the process if you are using writing to heal. The editing process allows you to read your own words, shape your narrative, and truly soak in the situation you are addressing.



Editing may not make perfection, but it does make progression. For example, my posts are admittedly haphazardly written, I go back and read them and find errors all the time and am not embarrassed in the least to go back and edit the mistakes. I am not ashamed to be human in front of other humans. I am also not ashamed to be human in front of myself.

My encouragement for people to edit their work is not solely for the production of good works. It’s really a ruse. (There are lots of things dealing with poetry that are ruses LOL, namely poetry slams but that is a different topic for a different day.) It is said that time heals all wounds. Well, what if a person gave themselves permission and time to work through an issue? What if they gave themselves permission to forgive themselves? What if they gave themselves permission to see an issue from all sides? What if a person gave themselves permission to rewrite history; to shape the narrative; to write all the things that they wish they could change, all the things they wish they had said?

What if people took time to think, evaluate, and love themselves in this way?

What if our community and the individuals in it learned how to heal themselves and each other by simply allowing themselves to fully process events?

We often deny ourselves the healing and gifts inside of us due to our microwave mentalities.


You cannot microwave ZAPP art either! It just as healing takes time.

Writing and then looking at the writing with an objective eye allows you to stand outside yourself and see things from a different perspective. I encourage all to edit edit edit, read, read, read. Go back and read things you wrote years ago. You will be surprised to learn yourself and find out who you really are by using your own art. And maybe, you will finally learn to love …

                                 your editor/yourself.


Contact me to learn more about my Writing Wrongs: Writing to Heal Workshop book. I also facilitate these workshops as well as other workshops – stay tuned for opportunities!

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