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This Word is for You

You are beautiful. 

You are divinely created for this day, this age, and this time. 

You are a premeditated product of God’s glory set here to affect those around you.

You are equipped for everything that God has purposed for you. 

You are more than what your imagination and your psyche can handle. 

This is why you doubt when people tell you that you are wonderful and great, you say thank you and give that sideways smile but really don’t know how to react or what to say. 

This is why you fail in your boldness, you fail to speak up and speak out on those things that God has given you to say, but remain closed mouthed for lack of confidence. 

This is why when God tells you to do and go according to your purpose: you stall, you say I need “confirmation”, you doubt.  And eventually, instead of running for God, instead of even jogging, walking, crawling or even standing, you end up sitting still and stagnant – no growth no achievement. 

You count up all the other good things that you have done and at the end of the day being a woman/man of God with knowledge of the truth, you know that all of those other things were not the ONE thing God asked of you and the thought of failure sets in again.

I am just stopping by to tell you today that as you read this you still have a chance to run and do what God has for you to do. If you are able to see this, then your appointment has come.  Doubt no longer, ask God for forgiveness because you doubted HIS creation, you doubted YOU and what he made you to be.  And once you have confessed to the LORD … 


quit BEATING YOURSELF UP about missed opportunities, if I had only finished school at this time, and I messed up this and that relationship … Move Forward. Today is the day that the LORD has made … let us rejoice, let our obedience be our worship on today, let us praise HIM for allowing us to overcome ourselves, that we are able to get over ourselves, move forward in God and be Glad in this day!  

Be encouraged, be faithful, be confident, be truthful, and remain royal as you are a child of the King!

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